About the project

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  • Title: M-Future2015: Strategic investments in European manufacturing to win global challenges
  • Grant agreement number: 646374
  • EU contribution: 600,000.00 €
  • Start of the project: 1st December 2014
  • Duration: 16 months
  • Funding scheme: Coordination and support actions
  • Work programme topics addressed: NMP-38-2014: Presidency events

This project is aimed to support the implementation of the strategic objective of the EU to increase the re-industrialisation of the Member States from the current level of around 16% to as much as 20% of GDP by leveraging both the European Structural and Investment Funds and Horizon 2020 and through widening access to finance for new ventures and manufacturing companies in the areas of high growth potential on the global scale.

In order to increase the coordination efforts of the European Commission and the Member States in pursuing this strategic objective during Luxembourg’s Presidency of the Council of the EU (June-December 2015) the organisation of the MANUFUTURE 2015 conference is proposed with a focus on the strategic investments in European manufacturing that could meet and win global challenges.

In particular the conference aims to support Luxembourg’s Presidency which has identified EU’s leadership in industrial technologies and the increased investment efforts in R&D and innovation as one of the top priority areas for policy intervention in the field of industrial policy in continuation of the efforts made in that direction already during the previous Luxembourg’s Presidency in 2005.

The main objective of the proposed conference is to identify and endorse new policy instruments, business models, support mechanisms and technologies that could help to strengthen and improve the manufacturing base in Europe given the existing regulatory framework and the constrains that manufacturers face at this critical time for further accessing finance, human resources, skills and knowledge needed to compete and win-in a highly competitive and global market. The conference will achieve its targets by:

  • Assessing the level of research and development advancement in the manufacturing industry in Europe in comparison with global competitors by analysing the latest results from the EU R&D and innovation-related funding programmes;
  • Comparing the performance and complimentary of industrial investments in the manufacturing industry with the focus on the complementarity of different EU funds and financial markets;
  • Reaching consensus with stakeholders on the conditions needed for reindustrialization of Europe within the existing policy framework, including policies on climate change and competitiveness, regional smart specialization, industrial policies related to internal market and the aimed increased contribution of the manufacturing sector to the GDP (up to 20%).

Further, it is also the intention of this Support Action to actively support Luxembourg’s Presidency of the EU and its activities in coordinating EU policies in the field of research and innovation in industrial technologies and to increase the visibility of this Presidency by:

  • Involving national policy makers and high-level representatives from the National Authorities responsible for R&D and innovation policy planning and implementation together with high-level experts and representatives from the EU governance bodies in discussing the existing and planned actions aimed to stimulate targeted strategic investments in the European manufacturing industry from multiple sources of public and private funding;
  • Involvement of major European technology platforms and industry associations such as the European Technology Platform MANUFUTURE, the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA), European Engineering Industries Association (ORGALIME) and the Council of European Employers for the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based Industries (CEEMET) in assessing together with other stakeholders complementarities of strategic investments in the manufacturing across the EU and formulating high-level recommendations for governance during Luxembourg’s Presidency.